The CPSoSaware approach is built around the 6 provided objectives, performing research and providing innovative solutions in various different technological fields like CPS Model based design, Cognitive Artificial Intelligence based CPS Control, extended Reality Human based situational awareness, Security and cyberattack runtime monitoring in the CPS environment. The overall goal is to create a framework that will be able to fully support in terms of resilience, reliability, security/cybersecurity and reconfigurability the design operation continuum of a CPSoS.

We aim to achieve that, through the use of Artificial Intelligence/ML components that are vertically distributed in a CPSoS architecture and that collaboratively provide decentralized control of the various CPSs as well as to help the system become aware of its status (physical and cyber environment) and its human users (thus promoting the human in the loop directive). The CPSoSaware core functionality is structured around two main conceptualizations, the Model Optimize Design Deploy (MODD) concept and the Cognitive, Collaborative Control. The overall CPSoSaware approach can be visualized in the figure below .