1. Objective 1: Design Cognitive, Reconfigurable and autonomous CPSoS orchestration, that support CPSoS full lifecycle (requirements, design, test, operate and decommissioning) and Design Operation Continuum
  2. Objective 2: Provide a Decentralized, cooperative, autonomic control and management that is resilient, fail-safe and adaptable to unforeseen physical and cyber-changes
  3. Objective 3: Structure a CPSoS Design approach that can be modelled and Simulated at system level
  4. Objective 4: Provide vertically and horizontally Secure and Trusted Designs (Security -by- Design) and Provide Runtime Cybersecurity monitoring to protect against cyber-threats and respond to attacks
  5. Objective 5: Consider throughout the CPSoS lifecycle Human users and operators and provide Extended Reality solutions that increase their situational awareness (Human in the Loop)
  6. Objective 6: Integrate the CPSaware various tools into a unified solution and test it in two distinct use cases (connected autonomous cars and Manufacturing processes with Robotics and Human interaction
  7. Objective7: To define evidence-based business and financing models along with a business plan for the post-project sustainable exploitation of the CPSoSaware framework.