Commercial Interest Advisory Group meeting

Commercial Interest Advisory Group meeting

A very interesting and insightful event has been organised for the members of CPSoSaware consortium that had the opportunity to “pitch” on their Key Exploitable Results to the members of the Commercial Interest Advisory Group (CIAG).

CIAG is an external advisory group to the project, towards exploitation and commercialisation of project’s tangible results, consisting of experts in telecommunications, security, automotive and standardisation.

The webinar, which hosted by project partner Robotec RTC, was organised on the 18th of November. During the session all CPSoSaware component providers presented their respective elements, followed by a fruitful Q&A session which led to productive discussions.

The insights gained supported CPSoSaware partners to form a more precise exploitation strategy. In particular, CPSoSaware key results presented and discussed, concern:

– V2X simulator, offered by Robotec
– Driver Monitoring System, offered by Catalink
– Semantic Information Fusion Framework, offered by Catalink
– Homezone Perception Engine, offered by Panasonic
– Data storage and transformation engine , offered by IBM
– PoCL-R for distributed edge offloading, offered by Tampere University
– MoZART Systems Orchestrator, offered by 8BELLS
– Cooperative Awareness Solutions, offered by ISI-ATHENA
– Security Runtime Monitor Module, offered by ATOS
– Quantum Resistant Hardware Security Token, offered by ISI-ATHENA
– CPS connected Extended Reality System in HRC application, offered by CRF
– Posture and Anthropometrics Recognition, offered by CRF
– Operator’s state monitoring, offered by CRF

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