CPSoSaware Concept and Architecture

We envision the CPSoSaware solution as a framework that will span horizontally and vertically on the overall CPSoS architecture thus providing a holistic, cognitive and decentralized way of designing, running and decommissioning CPS components of the system or even the CPSoS as a whole. Since such an endeavour is highly complex and hard to manage, in CPSoSaware we use AI and ML assistance in order to make the above-mentioned procedures feasible and pragmatic.

In the CPSoSaware, we also consider the human users and operators of CPSoS as an integral part of the system since CPSs in many complex systems are meant to assist/collaborate with its human users thus forming Cyber Physical Human Systems (CPHS).

The CPSoSaware system is divided into three different architectural blocks that are interconnected to handle the CPSoS heterogeneity and complexity. These blocks are the CPSoS system layer block, the CPSoSaware simulation and training block and the CPSoSaware CPS/CPHS layer block. We believe that the CPSoSaware concept is better understood through its functional architecture and the followed approach.